Here is a list of some of our pilots...

Simon Heard (English)

Moved from Hertfordshire (UK) in August 2004 and now living in Moraira (Spain). Always been interested in aviation but didn't start flying until 2002 when I flew a paraglider and paramotor in Slovakia, UK and Spain for 3 years clocking up about 150 hours. During this time I owned a Walkerjet Superhawk Paramotor with a Powerplay Sting wing. Started flying 3-axis microlights in 2005, flying a Cyclone AX3, Ikurus C42 and now own a standard X'air with Jabiru motor which I flew from the UK to Spain where it is now based.


Ian Ferdinand (English)

Completed flex wing (NPPL) training at the Cheshire Microlight Centre (UK) in June 2004. Moved to Javea, Spain in August 2004. With a wide ranging interest in general aviation, would like to pursue training in Paramotor and 3 axis microlights as well as continuing experience in flex wing microlights. Currently flying a BLADE 912.


Les Soar (English)

Retired early and moved from the south coast of England to just outside Moraira in August 2002. Bought a 2-axis Quicksilver MXII with Rotax 503 in 2004 then started microlight training at Muchamixel flying their Tecnam P92. Once I had my Spanish pilots licence I started flying my Quicksilver which may be slow but the view is great and I love it.


Mark Pantling (English)

Moved from the South West of England to Javea in March 2005. Has owned several microlights over the years, both 3 axis and weightshift. Currently flying a Kiss with Rotax 582 blue top motor. Also fly a paraglider and paramotor.


Michael Welch (English)

Still based in England but also have a villa in Spain near Jalon which I use for 3-4 months a year. I learnt to fly in 1988 gaining a PPLA at Lands End. Flew various light aircraft including Jodel D9 and a Vagabond until a change in direction to microlights in 1998. I now own a Eurostar which is based at Goodwood, West Sussex. I also have a standard X'air with Jabiru motor in Spain.


Derek Holman (English)

Owner and CFI at New Horizons School of Microlighting in Benicolet. Find out more by visiting newhorizonsmicrolighting.com


Peter Carrigan (English)

Recently taken early retirement and moved to Cumbre Del Sol (Moraira). Held a PPL since 1975, obtained a three axis microlight licence in 2000, and then AFI rating in 2004. Also obtained a weightshift rating in 2005. Believes strongly that microlighting with its greatly reduced costs to buy and operate a modern aircraft is the way forward for fun safe aviation.


Chris Bollans (English)

Moved from England in 2007 and now living in Moriara. I fly paragliders and paramotors, currently flying a PAP 1400 TOP 80 paramotor.


Chris Lee (English)

Living in Benitichel and flying his paraglider from the mountains and ridges around the Costablanca region. When the conditions aren't right for free flying then he simply straps his paramotor on and goes flying anyway.


Keith Preston (English)

Been living in Jijona (Alicante) since 1987. Started flying gliders at the age of 16 with the Air training Corp. Taught gliding with the army full time while serving in Kenya for three years and amassed over 2,000 hours. Started flying weightshift microlights at Shobden (UK) in 1984. Joined the Muchamiel Flying Club in 1987 and flew three axis microlights, then took full PPL Category A and changed to JAR-FCL. Holds microlight AFI rating.

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Chris Martin (English)

Living in Javea. Recently gained his PPL in the UK.


Alan Glover (English)

Alan pictured here with his son, qualified as a flex wing pilot in May 2005, after training at the Cheshire Microlight Centre in the UK. Alan commutes between Pego and Warrington and is looking forward to spending less time working and more time flying. To gain more experience on flex wings is Alan’s immediate goal, but longer term who knows, fixed wing or even helicopters.


Olle Akesson (Sweedish)

I am a Swedish pilot that spends most of my vacations in Torrevieja. I have been flying since 1969. I started by soaring, but due to lack of time during summer I could not maintain my glider licence. In the 80's I was flying a lot in my job with a PA34. Today I only fly for pleasure in PA28, PA32 and C185 sea. To fly seaplanes, is a new experience and very fun. I am very interested to get the possibility to fly when I am in Spain and to meet people with the same interest. I hold a Swedish PPL licence for land- and seaplans IR/SE/SP.


Julio Migues Vigo (Spanish)

I am a Spanish commercial pilot who lives in Denia. I've been flying since 1968. Most of the planes I flew are fire fighting. At the same time, in 1983, I started flying microlights and now I own a tail dragger Coyote II (my 7th microlight) based at Xeraco, near Gandia. As I live in Denia, I am very interested in the possibility of having an airfield near my home town, I mean, Moraira, Pego, Xaló.., anywhere.


Photo not Available, but I know Robert would like one of these...

Robert Croizat (English)

I'm a 150 hr UK PPL(A) and I have lived in Javea since 1995. I trained at Muchamiel and Wycombe Air Centre, and I am currently flying out of Muchamiel (C152s/PA28s). Not flying as much as I would like as I find having to get to Muchamiel a pain. I would love to be able to fly out of the Moraira/Javea/Denia area. I too would love to fly an amphibian here, but I understand that Spain does not allow private planes to operate in its coastal waters.


Photo not Available, but this is the type of aircraft Jeff flies...


Jeff Howlett (English)

I've done it now!!! Just bought a property to the NW of Murcia and will be living permanently in Spain from early 2007. I'm looking for anyone interested in gliding or motor gliding so that I can get my bum off the ground, and as I also have a PPL(a), cost sharing in ANYTHING is also on my wish list. I am a keen glider pilot with over 1,500 hours, all three FAI diamonds and I am a Full Cat instructor. I have flown gliders frequently out of Ontur which is due west of Alicante about 70km inland. I am also a current PPL tug pilot but am a lapsed Full Cat Instructor with around 1,500 hours power. I am very interested in operating a motor glider out of the area, something with a good power performance as well as a good gliding performance so that I can enjoy the best of both worlds!! I am currently researching this one and have a few ideas but airfield availability will be a major part of the decision making. Gliding in Spain is fantastic and very under explored, especially the convergence fronts that develop inland! I own a 19 metre Jantar1W (currently for sale), glide angle 1:48 and spend most of my time nipping around the Midlands and East of England when I am not in the back seat of a trainer. I regularly fly a Piper Pawnee and a Beagle Husky as tow planes but have over 30 types in my log book, ranging from Druine Turbulent to PZL Wilga.


Brian Imber (English)

I am an english PPl with aprox 500 hours on SEPs. Now retired and living on the Costa Blanca. Used to fly out of Stapleford. Now living in Moraira and apart from re-validating last December at Muchamiel have not done any flying. Would be interested in forming a group, say 8 members sharing costs.


John Hillman (English)

I am an aviator of the past. I am a PPL(A) but sadly not current. I gained my licence in 1953 and flew my last aeroplane in September 1996. The types that I have flown include Auster, Tigermoth, Slingsby T67 Firefly & Grob 115. The photo is of me "in command" of the Grob. In 1983/4 I owned a Microlight, an American "phantom" 3 axis, powered by a Rotax 60hp engine. It was lively & great fun. I would be interested in meeting Aviation enthusiasts for a drink and a chat. I live in Denia but could meet in surrounding areas.


Arthur Cockburn (English)

Living near La Fustera, between Moraira and Calpe. Moved to Spain in 2004. Retired commercial pilot 23,500 hours. Ex British Airways & Singapore Airlines. Instructor for 18years. Flew at Old Sarum Flying Club after retiring, but haven't flown for the last 2 years. Have started building and trying to fly R/C models, which I find much more difficult than the real thing.


Ebi (German)

Eberhard Friedt is a former German Airforce pilot of 3,000 hours Jet from T33 to Starfighter. Living in EL Campello since 1992, joining the Alicante Aeroclub in 1994, making the Spanish PPL course ,later German UL  and Spanish UL licence, I love flying the Lancair, and enjoy my Ultralight Pretty Flight, which I transferred in 11 hours from Munich to Muxamiel. This plane has two 50L fuel tanks, and with Rotax 912 I have a range of 1,000 km.


Carl Taylor (English)

I've been training at Perth airfield with Marcus Dalgetty of Pegasus flight training. Just started on exercise 12 and 13 (take off, circuit and landing). I'm a musician (drummer) by trade who used to live and work in London. Moved to Scotland around 2003 but plan to move to Spain within the next couple of years to run a small b&b. Possibly running outward bound holidays with the option of taking a leisure flight in a microlight. Once I've passed my test of course.